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Due to the rapid growth of these pups, no serious exercises should be done until they turn 18 months. Until this age - their joints and bones are developing and can easily be injured. Do not allow the pup to jump off elevated areas - it may cause damage of their shoulder joints. Also puppies should not be allowed to play or spend significant time on slippery surfaces (i.e. tile) in order to prevent joint injuries.

Do not allow the French Mastiff puppy to become overweight as this places stress on the growth plates of its bones. Likewise, do not keep your puppy caged for long, extended periods of time. Lack of exercise is just as bad as too much exercise.

Although your puppy may look big, remember that mentally they are babies. As a puppy owner , you should supervise your children and teach them proper interactions with your puppy. A puppy should receive love and attention from all members of its family.

Because French Mastiff's are large, fast growing dogs and their joint development is slow; their level of exercise must be monitored closely until the age of 18 months to prevent injuries. Balance this activity level to avoid over-exertion while insuring that the dog receives sufficient exercise. This can be accomplished by such means as easy walks or play sessions with toys. Be careful and stop before the puppy even shows signs of fatigue....taking young puppies on long walks is wrong! Special care must be taken to insure that a puppy is not injured or over-tired by play with a mature dog.

Remember, the time, expense, and care you provide in these first few months determines a great deal of the overall size, health and soundness of your puppy. Proper care will produce a balanced dog and devoted companion. As Dogue De Bordeaux breeders and owners, we want true “gentle giants”, as we call them, and also loyal guards with gentle and loving temperaments.

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Again we have had a fantastic show day, this time on the National Dog Show - CAC Kostolac, Serbia. We went with Barbie and Here I am De La Tour Gelee.

Barbie "The Butcher" did great, became Best Open Female, CAC and BEST OF BREED.

Here I Am de La Tour Gelee won "very promising" in puppy class and became Puppy BEST OF BREED.

We want to thank the well respected judge Mr. Zoran Curcic for speaking such nice words about our dogs...we are realy proud with these special words!!!

Special thanks to "Spunk Gang" kennel...love you guys!

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Here is few photos of puppies from Daddy and Tesa while playing on lasy Sunday afternoon.

We never had such cute, comical and funny pups :)

Some of them are still available for serious homes, click HERE. Have a look at rest of the photos bellow.

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We’re so excited to be featured in a Let's Talk Bostons magazine!

Check out the pages below — we love it!

Special thanks to Matthew.

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