Dogue de Bordeaux

We are proud to introduce you Dogue de Bordeaux from Punk Rock stars kennel

There are three main reasons why to choose Dogue de Bordeaux:

  1. The Dogue de Bordeaux puppy has a good and calm temperament, extremely loyal, patient and devoted to his family.
  2. Dogue de Bordeaux is fearless and confrontational with strangers, he is a first class watch and guard dog.
  3. Dogue de Bordeaux socializes very well with other animals, people and new situations.
  4. Dogue De Bordeaux is an imposing watchdog, being serious and self-assured with strangers, yet generally mild-mannered unless aroused.



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The Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the most ancient breeds. Although they are large dogs, the Dogue de Bordeaux is more of a funny dog and shows this by being slightly clumsy at times. The joys of having a Dogue are seen everyday as they grow and develop personalities. Loyal and devoted to its family, the Bordeaux Bulldog is fearless and proud. It is gentle with children and family members, kindhearted, and sometimes gullible. Dogues de Bordeaux make excellent watch dogs and guard dogs. They are loyal as dog can be and love to be an integral part of your family


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