Dogue de Bordeaux Character

Since the French Mastiff is such a large and powerful animal, it is imperative that his temperament is steady and dependable. Ideal specimen is very calm and not easily roused to excitement. The dog should display devoted affection toward his owner and behave as a good companion to the entire family. Even though this dog is a natural guard dog, the Mastiff’s character should be vigilant, not aggressive.


The Dogue de Bordeaux goes a long way on the strength of its frightening features and its frightening size, which would make the Dogue a valuable guard dog and protector even if he or she never made a sound. It’s this frightening size and ferocious appearance that has made the Dogue ideal for purposes of war, purposes of fighting, and purposes of hunting and guarding throughout the breed’s nearly thousand-year history. But the secret of the Dogue de Bordeaux is this: its appearance belies its actual temperament. The Dogue de Bordeaux is, in fact, one of the most affectionate, calm, and companionable breeds in existence.


They are extremely intelligent and extremely loyal to his or her chosen masters, and often feels abandoned when these masters leave for long periods of time. This quality of companionably with humans also makes the dog a much more useful watchdog then some of the excitable terrier breeds–whereas the latter dogs will yap and bark in order to frighten away virtually anyone who approaches them, the Dogue de Bordeaux relies on its terrifying size to frighten away criminals, and instinctively trusts and respects anyone else–until they prove their bad intentions toward the Dogue’s masters, at which point the breed’s ferocity takes over with grim results.


This general companionably coupled with the Dogue’s origins as a herder, makes the Dogue good with children or smaller animals. The Dogue, aware of his or her own strength, will tend to protect and shepherd weaker animals from harm.



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